Anthony Paolino Photography
Family, Wedding & Event Photographer based in Walnut, California





Photography has always been a passion of mine.  At 10 years old, I remember begging my Mom to let me take pictures with her 35mm point-and-shoot film camera.  Picking up the developed shots was extremely exciting!  Shortly after graduating high school, I was able to purchase my first digital camera.  Over the years I continued to develop my craft but it was at my own wedding where I decided I wanted to pursue photography professionally.  All throughout the day, I couldn't help but admire our photographer.  He was working so hard to capture all the special moments, and it was clear that he truly loved what he was doing.  At the end of the day he gave my wife and I a big hug and asked if we needed anything else.  I expressed how very thankful we were for his hard work and said "I sincerely admire what you do, I wish I could do it."  He smiled and responded with "what's stopping you?"  Those three words stuck with me.

To this day, my wedding photos stir up amazing emotions and memories.  Knowing that my photography is able to have that same effect, keeps me striving for perfection.  I cant wait to capture those special moments for you!